What does OMG offer its Partners?

A unique suite of Sales-Specific Assessments

A unique suite of Sales-Specific Assessments

Why an OMG Partnership is invaluable

21 Sales Core Competencies

OMG is the only assessment company in the world that measures all 21 Sales Core Competencies, unlocking over 400 data points about each salesperson.

  • The 5 Will to Sell Competencies reveal an individual’s grit, determination, and motivation

  • The 6 Sales DNA Competencies expose hidden weaknesses that sabotage sales performance

  • The 10 Tactical Competencies highlight sales-specific skills necessary for success

Partner Benefits

Benefits of being an OMG partner

Predictive Validity

You’ll be licensed to provide the most accurate and predictive sales assessment that measures all 21 Sales Core Competencies

Integrate OMG into Your Business

OMG will integrate perfectly into your existing sales consultancy

Sales Development Expert

Supported by OMG’s science your clients will think you are the most brilliant sales expert on the planet


You will be part of a small community of sales experts that are OMG Certified and you’ll have the badge to show the world.

Ongoing Training and Conferences

We never stop training and coaching you to sell more, improve your expertise and grow both your business and your clients’ businesses.

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